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Are you interested in getting bespoke training from a passionate PT who will support you in every step of your journey? We all have those days when you lose motivation and want to give up. But there’s nothing like a bit of friendly support to remind you why you decided to get fit in the first place, that’s what our PTs are here for.

Our personal training packages take place in our luxury gym/health club, fit with:


Weight gym

Fitness studio

Yoga/Pilates studio


Giving you a wide variety of training options. Our 1-2-1 training programmes will help you to develop both your body, mind and brain, resulting in a top-to-bottom holistic transformation.


Pure and simple

Gym access

Access a bespoke digital personal training platform

Gentle start

Gym access

1 x personal training sessions a week

Bespoke training programme with nutritional advice

Make it a habit

Gym access

 2 x personal training sessions a week

Bespoke training programme with nutritional advice

Make me an athlete

Gym access

3 x personal training sessions a week

Bespoke training programme with nutritional advice

Our personalised programmes are designed to suit your time, budget and training preference, delivering long-lasting results. 


Not sure where to start? Looking for some support in creating your fitness goals? Our PTs offer a free consultation before beginning a personal training programme, giving you the opportunity to have a chat and get to see the gym in person.

Get in touch with using the contact form to find out which package is suitable for you an your fitness goals.

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